Glass Vandoren: Your Specialist in Shower Doors and Shower Walls

At Glas Vandoren, the expert in shower doors and shower enclosures, we strive for the perfect combination of quality, functionality and aesthetics.

Our craftsmanship is reflected in everything we do. From the in-house workshop to professional installation by our experienced team.

In this article, we take you through the various options of shower set-ups we offer. We illustrate each type with photos of our own workshop and our installers in action.

Walk-in shower (with fixed panel)

A walk-in shower with a fixed glass panel gives your bathroom a spacious feel. Whether you have a standard shower tray or dream of an Italian shower, you can come to us for a made-to-measure shower enclosure. We will be happy to check with you whether your bathroom is suitable for a walk-in shower and how much space you need for a seamless integration.

glasvandoren-douchedeuren en douchewanden

Shower doors

Do you have a small or large space, a square or rectangular shower area ? With us, you will find the perfect shower door:

  • A single or double shower door.
  • A shower door with fixed wall in 90° or 180°.
  • A shower door with wall fixing.
  • A shower door with glass/glass mounting.

We offer a tailor-made solution for every situation. Feel free to visit us and discover your perfect customized solution.

Douchedeuren Glas Vandoren

Shower set-ups with sliding doors

Besides a single or double shower door, sliding doors are also possible. But when are sliding doors the best solution?

If space is limited and a regular door hinders freedom of movement, sliding doors are ideal. We install them between two walls, between a wall and a glass wall or even between two glass walls.

For every situation, we offer both a practical and aesthetic solution.


Douche schuifdeuren Glas Vandoren

Glass side panels

More and more people are opting for a glass shower partition. Especially in a small bathroom, this creates a larger sense of space. With us, every glass shower enclosure is custom-made, so we can suggest the most suitable solution for every room and situation.

Douche zijwand in glas Glas Vandoren

Glass shower enclosure on your bath rim or along your tub

Do you like to enjoy both a relaxing bath and an invigorating shower, but have limited space? Then consider a shower enclosure on your bath rim as a solution.

Or maybe you want to combine shower and bath seamlessly? In that case, we will install a shower enclosure with a recess that seamlessly follows your bath. This gives you a beautifully integrated whole.


Douchewand in glas, Glas Vandoren

Shower under a sloped ceiling

Do you have a bathroom under a sloping roof and dream of an integrated shower enclosure that follows your sloping roof? At Glas Vandoren, we customize your shower enclosure to perfectly follow the shape of that sloping wall. That way, you avoid losing precious space and can enjoy your shower to the full.

Glazen douchewand onder schuine wand, Glas Vandoren

Different types of glass

Are you looking for something other than standard clear glass? Then we would be happy to show you the possibilities of patterned glass, satin glass or colored glass. With one of these special types of glass, you can give your bathroom that extra and unique touch.

glasopties Glas Vandoren

Innovative Solutions: Timeless Glass

Want to prevent limescale on your shower glass from causing irremovable corrosion? Then consider Timeless or Traceless glass. These options will prevent limescale from permanently adhering to your glass. With timeless coating, water will effortlessly slide off your glass and remaining water will be easier to remove from your shower door or shower enclosure.

More Glass in your Bathroom

Besides custom-made shower doors and shower enclosures, we offer several other glass solutions to beautify your bathroom. Come to our showroom to discover the different possibilities of glass splash backs, custom-made mirrors and much more. With glass, you bring extra transparency and coziness to your bathroom, turning it into a true relaxation space.

How do we work at Glas Vandoren

We guide you step by step through the process that suits your needs. In our showroom, you will gain inspiration and we will be happy to give you tailored advice. We will then prepare a quotation with the chosen options and visit you to measure your space. Finally, your shower door or shower enclosure will be made to measure in our workshop and installed by our experienced team.

Every project with us is UNIQUE and we ALWAYS work to measure. Every shower arrangement, whether it is a shower door, partition or sliding partition, is made to measure. Always including the chosen accessories such as shower hinges, profiles or stabiliser bars. And all in various colors.

At Glas Vandoren, we strive to make your dream bathroom a reality. With our expertise in shower assemblies and high-quality glass solutions, we ensure a bathroom that is not only functional but also an aesthetic gem.

Visit our showroom and discover our different solutions. We are happy to provide personal advice.

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