Glass door assemblies

One of Glas Vandoren’s specialties is the realization of full-glass doors and door assemblies that integrate perfectly into any interior.

Do you want a pivot door, a swinging door or a hinged door? We will find the right solution for every setup or idea. A wide door with a shifted pivot point, a double door, or a door with a fanlight or side light.

Bring light into your home or go for more transparency in your living room, kitchen or bathroom. Clear, satin, sandblasted or colored glass for your pivot doors, hinged doors, folding doors, sliding doors, … anything is possible. If you want a separate office space in your home but still have a view of the rest of your home, you can opt for the fine door frame solutions with a fixed wall. As a result, you retain the necessary acoustic sound insulation without sacrificing less light.

You can also contact us for the new trend in interior doors: the steel-look doors with a fine aluminum frame or the IDA doors solution, both in a pivoting arrangement, hinged door or sliding door.

Hop into our showroom and discover the possibilities and be surprised.