Insulating exterior glazing – high-performance glass

Do you want to replace the glass of one or more exterior windows with double or triple glazing? Would you like more information about insulating glass, solar control glass or acoustic glass?

For outdoor applications, Glas Vandoren consciously chooses quality brands and glass suppliers that are highly regarded. Thanks to the choice between double glazing, triple glazing, insulating glass, laminated safety glass, soundproof glass, sun protection glass or a combination, our solutions meet the highest requirements for climate comfort and burglary protection.

You can contact us for the following insulating external glazing applications:

  • Placing exterior glazing new construction & renovation
  • Insulating glass, solar control glass, double or triple glazing
  • Glass balcony balustrade, safety glass fall protection
  • Large glass areas without profiles for housing, shops, shop windows
  • Glass sliding walls without frame: Sliding Glass divider
  • Collaborations with carpenters, installers of windows and doors
  • Urgent repair of glass breakage

A new construction or renovation of a house, a catering project, an office, an apartment block or a shop? We will visit you without obligation to see which solutions are suitable for your project. We take care of the measurement, delivery, installation and finishing of the glass ourselves. Moreover, the glass is cut in our own workshop, allowing us to work flexibly at competitive prices. We are already curious about your project!

Vacuum glass is a very thin thermally insulating glazing that is extremely suitable for the renovation market. Compared to double- and triple-glazing, vacuum glass is only 8.3mm thick, meaning that window frames do not need to be modified. You can easily replace single-glazing with vacuum glass. It improves living comfort and you save significantly on energy bills.

Vacuum glass is a revolutionary step in the field of (glass) insulation. VACUBEL glass is a type of vacuum glass and has additional advantages over regular vacuum glass.

Vacuum glass is extremely thin insulation glass where two glass panes are separated by a high vacuum space. This vacuum prevents heat and sound transmission and provides an extremely high insulation value and good sound attenuation. Microscopic spacers are inherent to vacuum glass and prevent the two glass sheets from touching each other. VACUBEL glass has several advantages over regular vacuum glass:

VACUBEL glass is almost always toughened (toughened glass is 5x stronger and has no thermal breakage)
VACUBEL glass has a U-value from 0.40; regular vacuum glass has a U-value of 0.59
VACUBEL glass has up to 6 times fewer spacers
VACUBEL glass is considerably cheaper than regular vacuum glass