Do you want to enjoy the outdoors in your garden undisturbed? This is possible thanks to the Somnium pergola. With this minimalist and elegant eye-catcher, you create a pleasant space in your garden where you can enjoy all year round, regardless of the weather.


The pergola can be placed free-standing in the garden, at the swimming pool or attached to a facade. In this way,
an extension of the house or a garden house or pool house is created. A unique feature of the Somnium is that it can be linked lengthways and widthways. Wonderful realisations are possible, such as 2 pergolas linked together:
one with slats, the second with a fixed roof in glass.

The Somnium patio roof is fully customised and has maximum dimensions of 6m by 4.5m and 3m high. Moreover, you can choose from an extensive colour palette with a 25-year Qualicoat Sea Side paintwork guarantee.


Thanks to the motorised system, the aluminium slats of this pergola always open and close simultaneously. The slats rotate up to 120 degrees, which gives you an optimal comfort: this allows you to fully enjoy the sun, to temper the sun’s rays a little, or to block the sun completely.

Thanks to this rotation technique, you also have the possibility to seal off the slat roof from the rain. The water is carefully evacuated via an integrated gutter profile and invisible water drains in the support posts. A rain or wind sensor can also be integrated that immediately detects rainfall or wind and automatically closes the slatted roof. There are never any surprises!


Thanks to numerous options you can personalise the pergola as you wish. The adjustable screens built into the support posts keep out wind, water and sun and also provide the desired privacy. Looking for a bit more openness? Choose among the various glass solutions, so you are protected from weather influences but retain an unobstructed view.