Parapet and fall protection

Do you have windows on the floors with a risk of falling? Then you must provide it with fall protection. The side mounting profiles can usually be mounted on the window profiles or in the reveals, so that they also look quite subtle.

Different solutions can be chosen… ..subtle, tight, blind fixing of the glass in a recessed profile or with clearly visible frames around the glass. Inform about your parapet in good time so that the underlying structure can be properly constructed.

Railings are mounted by means of aluminum U-profiles, wall or floor mounting. Various options are available in terms of confirmation. We are happy to visit you without any obligation to see which solutions are possible within your project.

Glass balustrades (fall protection, parapet, …) offer a durable and aesthetic solution for your private home or office. You can contact us for indoor applications in voids or stairs, but also for outdoor applications such as balcony balustrades.

Balustrades and parapets are made of laminated safety glass. Two panes are provided with one or more PVB films in between. If the glass breaks unintentionally, it will stick to the foil, making it impossible to fall through and guaranteeing maximum safety.

By adding colored foils or certain fabrics we can even create unique and contemporary panels.

Our specialized and professionally equipped professionals take care of the placements.