Deco Wall

The Deco Wall aluminum cladding perfectly matches contemporary architecture. The facade cladding consists of a simple click system with vertical or horizontal profiles in different designs. The invisible fixation and straight lines give the house a sleek look.


With 4 vertical profiles: narrow, wide, deep or open and 1 horizontal profile, you determine the lines of your home yourself.

The choice is also endless in color. You can choose from the complete Aliplast color range where many colors have a 25 year Seaside color guarantee. An extra special play of colors can be obtained by taking the background profile in a different color as the finishing profile.

Give your home a unique look by also covering doors and gates. You can also run the Deco Wall over your window. In this way you bring the light inside, but there is no full view into your home.


The facade cladding system consists of several base profiles, including start, transition, corner and an end profile. The finishing profiles are mounted as a click system. In this way you get invisible fixations.

It is obvious that the Deco Wall is so much more than just a facade cladding.


The aluminum is characterized by its durability and easy maintenance of the material. The aluminum cladding is resistant to all weather conditions. It is a strong material that is also 100% recyclable. This facade cladding is easy to clean in terms of maintenance. The powder coating provides a good protective layer and retains the color.