How can you turn your balcony or terrace into an extra beautiful living space?

Then think of our mobile sliding glass walls?

glazen schuifwanden Glas Vandoren

You have a nice terrace or balcony, but you think you can’t use it enough?

Usually, you only enjoy this extra space when there is no sunny weather and when there is no cold wind. With our mobile sliding glass wall, we transform this space into an extra living space that fits seamlessly with the outdoor environment, usable in all seasons.
Do you want to know how we do this?  And you’re already looking forward to being able to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest in every season, look further below.

Installing a mobile flexible sliding glass wall in an existing or new situation?

We can place the mobile sliding wall on your existing (glass or closed) balustrade. If you don’t have a closed (glass) balustrade, we will place our glass wall behind it at the full height of your terrace or balcony.

Do you want to enjoy every season?

The advantages of our mobile sliding glass wall
👉 If the sun is shining in  the summer, slide open the glass wall.
👉 Thanks to the ingenious pivoting system, you can park your glass panels next to each other. Everything nicely parked so you don’t lose any space.

glazen schuifwanden Glas Vandoren

👉 If  the weather is nice in autumn or spring but  there is an icy cold wind, you can close the wall but still enjoy a nice outdoor feeling.

glazen schuifwanden Glas Vandoren

👉 In winter, you can also leave your furniture because the sliding wall provides good protection against the more extreme weather conditions. With some extra heat sources, you can even turn it into a cozy living space.

glazen schuifwanden Glas Vandoren

👉 The insulating properties of the glass panels ensure good temperature control, allowing you to live in a comfortable environment all year round.
👉 In addition, the mobile sliding wall ensures less noise pollution, so you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment.

Want to create an extra usable space at any height?

Because the glass wall consists of glass panels without visible profiles, you retain a feeling of space.
This creates a pleasant outdoor feeling all season long but makes you feel protected.
This is whether you live on the ground floor or on the 17th floor.

The system comes from Finland and meets the strictest European standards and is therefore also suitable in the most extreme weather conditions. Walls of up to 3 meters high can be closed with our sliding glass wall system.

The ideal solution in your existing pool house, patio cover or even indoor application

The mobile sliding walls are not only applicable for your terrace or balcony.
But they are also perfect to place in your existing pool house or patio roof.
They also provide maximum enjoyment and outdoor feeling all year round.

This way, you can turn your man cave, playroom, or relaxation area into a pleasant place that you can share with family and friends.
So bring on the parties …..

glazen schuifwanden Glas Vandoren

Want to know more about our sliding glass walls?
Curious about the possibilities of sliding glass walls for your home or project?

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