The invisible door, simplicity in its purest form!

The invisible door, simplicity in its purest form!


It may sound strange, but ‘Glass’ Vandoren doesn’t just offer glass doors.

In order to support our customers even better in their building and renovation projects, our range has been extended to include timber doors from 2021.

So if you need to replace your timber doors with glass doors or glass structures, you’ll now have just one point of contact for the replacement of all your doors. Ideal for direct communication and coordination.

Do you really want to give your interior a new “touch”?

In our range of wooden doors, we now offer the innovative solution of the “invisible” door: the Xinix door … literally: “door I see nothing” and its variant, the Format door.


The art of invisibility

One of the biggest attractions of the “I see nothing” doors and Format doors is their ability to be almost invisible in the whole of your space.

To make this door become one with your wall, it uses an aluminium frame mounted in the wall. As a result, your wall is no longer interrupted by a door frame, creating a sleek, modern look.


When can you install these doors?

XINNIX doors are installed before the doorway is further developed. Only after the door has been installed is the frame worked out, plastered and made ready for painting.

If it is too late for this and the doorway is already finished, you can switch to a FORMAT FRAME. This door has an aluminium block element that is placed in the finished doorway, flush with the wall.

That way, the door leaf also aligns with the wall and creates the same  look.






In a nutshell

Both systems share the same invisible features:

  • The door leaves are fitted with invisible hinges to emphasise simplicity.
  • Each door is fitted with a magnetic lock for an elegant look.
  • Fitted with acoustic rubbers to reduce noise and improve insulation.
  • Available in standard and made-to-measure sizes.
  • The Format door is available with a black or white block.
  • The door can be installed by pulling or pushing, on the left or right.


Are you curious?

Curious about the invisible door and the possibilities it offers your home?

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