Steel doors

With its clean lines, industrial look and durable structure, Glass Vandoren’s steel doors provide a modern and stylish addition to any room. The slim profile of the steel and the glass create light, space and openness, creating a seamless transition between rooms. The doors are a beautiful combination of function and design, a perfect balance between stylish and durable and provide both a timeless and contemporary look.

Designed with attention to detail and craftsmanship, our extensive collection of steel doors offers something for everyone with both classic and contemporary designs and bespoke designs:

  • Do you have a door or wall with an arch shape? Or angled sides tailored to your doorway? No problem at all.
  • Want to combine different types of glass in one door? We’ll take care of it.
  • Want to work with a hinged door that strikes against a steel door frame or a pivoting and rebated door? We have our own production line for that too.

With our steel doors, we offer an additional option for customers who prefer a steel hinged or pivoting door to a steellook door.

The differences with a steellook door are:

  • A steel door is heavier and therefore also feels sturdier than a steellook door.
  • A steel door exudes just a little more class than a steellook door.
  • With a steel door, the steel is completely welded together.
  • A steel door is more often used for hinged doors, but can also be used for a pivoting door.

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Are you curious what a combination of different steel doors, door handles and glass types looks like? Or would you simply like to put together your own steel door unit? Then take a look at our configurator.

Still looking for inspiration for different door assemblies? Then take a look at our realisations.