It was a very pleasant experience, which I was happy to share with friends and family

Hereby a word of thanks.

Thank you for handling my request for high-strength glass so promptly and professionally. I am very happy that you were able to organise it at very short notice so that the work could go ahead before the construction holidays. Thanks also that I could come to you with my questions.

Thanks to Bart for the smooth measurement of the glass and for the explanation and reassurance he was able to offer me with my many questions.

Thank you to your colleagues who carried out the works: Kristof, who was at work for the full two days, Pascal who helped carry out the works on Thursday, also Christo and Bart who came to help for a few hours on Thursday and Friday respectively.

Well-mannered, respectful, with the occasional wink or joke, positive-minded, attentive – their first question was which windows I preferred to have replaced first -, flexible – unhindered by a heavy gust of rain or by bright sunshine. The first contact was funny for a moment, when I opened on Thursday morning and Kristof and Pascal were at the door, each with a blanket under one arm, a suitcase of materials on the other. It is a pleasure to see them taking their assignment to heart with focus, precision and an eye for detail. Besides their precise work, I also noticed that they left the place tidy after the works. Your colleagues exude satisfaction and passion for their work, kudos to them, to your company and to your corporate culture. It is nice to experience that your colleagues express themselves with such respect and pride about Glass Vandoren.

It was a very pleasant experience, which I was happy to share with friends and family