Customer-friendly, correct explanation of price, material and delivery

Customer-friendly, correct explanation of price, material and delivery Beautiful and sturdy product


Satisfied with the installation and the team. Worked accurately and left everything clean and Satisfied with the result, met expectations.

Friendly and professional

On Wednesday, our glass door was installed. The workmen were well on time and were friendly and professional. We are satisfied customers!

The result is stunning

As reported by telephone, we are extremely satisfied with the super professional way in which Glas Vandoren handled our file as well as the execution of the installation of the beautiful doors. Not only with the difficulties with our contractor…

Fine cooperation

Today, our new glass door was installed and an existing glass door repaired. The road may have been long, but the result is great. We are very happy with it. Thank you for the fine cooperation.

More than attentive

Despite the many worries regarding the installation of our door, this is still a nice happy-end. All's well that ends well and we are of course grateful that it went well. Special thanks to the plaasters, they were more than attentive…

Great skill and inventiveness

Both doors were installed today! Not obvious with problem of underlying pipes ... especially at the living room door. Solved with great skill and inventiveness by your installers, thank you very much. We think this is worth mentioning!

Very happy

Meanwhile, we are home and had a chance to look at the glass doors. We are very happy with them!